Occupational radiation dose and adherence to radiation safety practices in two hospitals of UAE: Retrospective cross-sectional cohort study

W Elshami, M Abuzaid, A.D. Piersson, O Mira, M Abdelhamid, Xiaoming Zheng, A Sulieman

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AimThe study analyzed the occupational radiation exposure history (2002 – 2016) at two hospitals (A and B) in the United Arab Emirates.Materials and MethodsA cross-sectional retrospective cohort design was used. The study were divided into two phases: 1) retrospective assessment of occupational radiation dose for medical workers in hospital “A” and “B” assessed and 2) a questionnaire was used to investigate their adherence to radiation protection safety measure. RESULTSTotal of 952 TLD readings obtained during the study period and classified per hospital, occupation and department. The average collective dose was 0.601 mSv, and the highest dose was measured in the year 2005 (0.829 mSv) and 2014 (0.825 mSv). Statistical significant difference between hospital (A) and (B) was noticed only in year 2002. Cardiologists and nurses had statistically high mean of occupational radiation dose. The evaluation of radiation protection practice revealed that majority of medical workers have good practice while 42% demonstrated average level of radiation protection practice. Nevertheless, there was no significance different (p > 0.05) observed between practice and job position, or practice and department.CONCLUSIONOverall, the mean occupational radiation dose data for the two hospitals was significantly lower than the standard of 20 mSv per year, according to the international and national recommendations. Radiation protection practice was considered to be good among medical workers. However, continuous evaluation of occupational radiation dose and radiation protection practice is important to ensure adherence to safety measures.Key words: occupational radiation dose, radiation workers, TLD, radiation protection
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2019
Event3rd International Conference on Dosimetry and its Applications: ICDA-3 - Portuguese University of Engineering, Science and Technology, Lisbon, Portugal
Duration: 27 May 201931 May 2019
http://www.ctn.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/icda-3/BookAbstracts_ICDA3_Lisbon2019.pdf (book of abstracts)


Conference3rd International Conference on Dosimetry and its Applications
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