Passionate reading as a serious leisure

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People have diverse motivations for reading and they do it in various forms and levels. There is a really broad scale ranging from shallow and infrequent reading to deep and continuous practice. Moreover, reading can serve a wide range of needs. Some people may read on their leisure time just to enjoy the pleasure of reading and enjoy escapism and release from life stresses. Nonetheless, for committed readers the functionality of reading is broader than these common themes. For example, they not only enjoy reading, but also evaluate what they read and reflect on what they learn through it. Furthermore, they normally share their reflections with friends and colleagues via social media or other grounds such as book clubs. Also, reading for them is much more than a temporary distraction from here and now or an escape from the dullness of daily routine. For dedicated readers it is an opportunity to embracing emancipation, authenticity and liberty. They read to develop a meaningful experience and transform their life. At the same time, they enjoy intellectual and aesthetic pleasures of understanding and achieving new levels of insight and awareness. This is the time that reading has the potential to become a serious leisure.
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Publication statusPublished - 01 Nov 2019


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