Peter Wilson: 30 years on - Bathurst (Solo travelling exhibition)

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This body of work was curated by the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery for the purposes of a survey exhibition which was to travel to four venues. It celebrated 30 years of work for Peter Wilson as a ceramic artist. The exhibition comprised two sections, ie, one of works which dated from distinct periods within this time and two, contemporary works which would change at each venue.Field: Fine art/ceramics/glaze development. Context: This first part of the exhibition displayed all of my works from all periods. Over 50 pieces were shown, representing the whole range of my works. It comprised two sections, ie:' Works created in the previous 30 years. This contained works from a variety of styles which included, early works in stoneware which displayed a range of iron and chun Chinese glazes and celadons. It also contained a body of raku-inspired works with earth-like qualities of mud-cracks, sandblasted surfaces with lustres, textured and coarse in appearance entitled the Earthworks series.' Contemporary works dating from 2006 onwards. These were for sale and were works which reflected my 10 year experimentation into a range of unique crystalline glaze surfaces. Research question: How to develop rich and interesting ceramic surfaces? The exhibition showed the results of 30 years of experimentation in ceramics and examined questions of aesthetics, form and ceramic surface all of which have been central to my involvement in ceramics. It included works in stoneware with red iron, chun and celadon Chinese glazes. There were many raku pieces, (low-fired) with sculpted surfaces using colour and lustres to highlight areas. Lastly there were pieces from my most recent experimentation with crystalline gloss and matt glazes. All of these recognisable periods within my work have been contributions to new research into this field.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBathurst, NSW, Australia
PublisherBathurst Regional Art Gallery
SizeOver 50 ceramic works; exhibited: 23 March - 6 May, 2007
Publication statusPublished - 2007
EventPeter Wilson: 30 years on - Bathurst -
Duration: 23 Mar 200706 May 2007


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