Peter Wilson: 30 years on - Gulgong (Solo travelling exhibition)

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This exhibition was part of a travelling exhibition initiated by the Bathurst Regional Gallery. It contained works from previous periods throughout my ceramic career including the addition of a range of new works specifically for this exhibition.Field: Fine art/ceramics/glaze development. Context: This second part of the exhibition contained 15 pots that travelled to all locations. The remaining 25 pieces were works that focussed on a range of gloss crystalline glazes on vases and also Tidal Pool 04, a pot that was exhibited in this exhibition. It reflects a different aesthetic whereby zinc silicate is formed at high temperature in a glaze melt but the crystals actually form in the slow cooling cycle of the kiln. I was exploring in this exhibition the way gloss crystals develop on vertical surfaces. Here you can see a good example of the way they grow on flat surfaces near the pot's lip and compare that with the crystals on the sides of the pot. This is because of the non-viscous quality of the glazes. Research question: How to develop rich and interesting ceramic surfaces? The exhibition showed the results of 30 years of experimentation in ceramics and examined questions of aesthetics, form and ceramic surface all of which have been central to my involvement in ceramics. It included works in stoneware with red iron, chun and celadon Chinese glazes. There were many raku pieces, (low-fired) with sculpted surfaces using colour and lustres to highlight areas. Lastly there were pieces from my most recent experimentation with crystalline gloss and matt glazes. All of these recognisable periods within my work have been contributions to new research into this field.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationGulgong, NSW, Australia
PublisherCudgegong Gallery
Size40 x ceramic works; exhibited: 31 August - 29 October, 2007
Publication statusPublished - 2007
EventPeter Wilson: 30 years on - Gulgong -
Duration: 31 Aug 200729 Oct 2007


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