Pre-anaesthetic clinical assessment of hydration for prediction of intra-operative hypotension in anaesthetised horses

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Dehydration may predispose horses to intra-operative hypotension. This prospective clinical study evaluated the ability of pre-operative measurements linked to hydration to predict hypotension or the need for inotropic support.
Healthy horses admitted for anaesthesia and surgery were recruited. Pre-operative assessment included physical examination (PE) and measurement of packed cell volume (PCV), total plasma protein (TPP), urea and creatinine from venous blood. PE included HR, ƒR, temperature and subjective assessment of hydration. Anaesthesia was induced and maintained according to clinical requirements. Intra-operatively blood pressure was measured using an electronic monitor connected to a cannula in the facial artery. Hypotension was defined as MAP < 60 mmHg for ≥ 5 minutes. Dobutamine was infused and dose recorded using a fluid pump. Data was compared between hypotensive and normotensive horses and between dobutamine treated and untreated horses, using T-tests; Mann-Whitney U-test; and Chi-Squared test as appropriate.
Forty nine horses were included. Hypotension occurred in 21 (42.9%) and 28 (57.1%) received dobutamine. No abnormalities were detected on any PE. There was no significant difference (p > 0.05) in any PE parameters, PCV, or TPP between normotensive and hypotensive; or dobutamine treated and untreated horses. Urea and creatinine (6.8 ± 1.50 mmol/L and 119.74 ± 21.45 µmol/L respectively) were significantly higher in hypotensive horses compared to normotensive horses (5.57 ± 1.66 mmol/L and 106.81 ± 17.25 µmol/L). Azotaemia was present in 7 (33.3%) hypotensive and 2 (7.1%) normotensive horses.
Measurement of urea and/or creatinine may be useful for detecting sub-clinical dehydration and predicting intra-operative hypotension.
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Publication statusPublished - 01 Jul 2017
EventAssociation of Veterinary Anaesthetists: Spring Meeting - Manchester, United Kingdom
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ConferenceAssociation of Veterinary Anaesthetists
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