Preparing future ready graduates: Can we leverage internationalisation of curriculum?

Pranit Anand, Dongmei Li, Damar Mitric

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There is widespread agreement from many sources, including the OECD, that critical thinking, global citizenship, communication and collaboration, inter-cultural competency, social and ethical responsibilities, flexibility, diversity of ideas, are some of the essential 21st century skills that students need to develop to be future ready. These skills are even more important given the ever-increasing nature of an interconnected and interdependent world.
Internationalisation of the curriculum refers to, among other things, how international perspectives are embedded in the teaching, learning and assessments of a program of study. Internationalisation is not always explicitly stated in curriculum objectives, even though many higher education institutions may have aspects of it in their graduate outcomes documents. This generally involves a strategic approach to develop competencies focused on connecting differences between people, ideas, problems and solutions. Most higher education curriculum often do not lend itself towards this, however it is possible creatively and meaningfully embed many of these approaches within lessons giving students and more richer learning experience.

Institutions need to wholistically recognise the value of internationalisation for future-ready graduates, both domestic and international, rather than just the associated short-term financial benefits. As such, efforts must be explicit and targeted in approach, when embedding internationalisation into the curriculum.
Here, the presenters will share their own research and experiences about embedding internationalisation in their curriculum.
Learning objectives 150 words
The presenters will share their own experiences and knowledge gained from a number of research projects about internationalisation of the curriculum.
Attendees will learn about:
1. Diverse perspectives on internationalisation of curriculum to develop future ready, employable graduates.
2. Different ways of embedding internationalisation into their curriculum.
3. Addressing challenges associated with implementing internationalisation of the curriculum initiatives.
4. Develop confidence to embed and evaluate internationalisation of the curriculum initiatives.
Target audience 150 words
This presentation will be of interest to educators working in higher education who are keen to embed internationalisation of the curriculum into their teaching and learning approaches. Although popular discourse around internationalisation often focuses on the economic benefits of international students, and more recent discussions have shifted to developing cultural competencies, our group is primarily focused on the value of internationalisation with respect to future ready skills development and employability.
Anyone in higher education, and even the pre-higher education sector will benefit from this panel, and will enhance the overall understanding about the value through the Q&A format.
Outline of session 350 words
Using internationalisation of curriculum to develop future ready graduates and developing 21st century skills is an evolving area of discussion in higher education. Our panellist will be sharing diverse ideas from their own experiences regarding the value and approach to IOC. Each of the presenters are experienced in embedding IoC ideas in their curriculum in diverse ways, and will be sharing their approaches of these ideas during the panel.
From these discussions, attendees will be encouraged to engage and participate in sharing their ideas from their own diverse experiences. Hence, this discussion will allow attendees to gain from the diversity of ideas and approaches as discussed by their peers and to collectively apply this in their own roles.
Q & A Style
Encourage audience to pose questions/comments using face-to-face, twitter #intlearnexp and online.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2021
Externally publishedYes
Event2021 Australian International Education Conference Online: New Horizons - Online
Duration: 05 Oct 202108 Oct 2021 (Session details and abstracts)


Conference2021 Australian International Education Conference Online
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