Proceedings, International Workshop on Dairy Science Park: Peshawar - Nov 21-23

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This publication introduces the International Workshop on Dairy Science Park. This is a humble attempt to bring the hidden assets of livestock resources into lime light and to present it as a food for thought for an action plan for all those involved in livestock production, processing, marketing, education, development, financing and investment. Pakistan has been ranked 2nd in buffalo milk production and 3rd in global milk production. Although the livestock sector contributes 55% to the agriculture added and 11.3% to the gross domestic products in the country, the role of the sector on export and production of certified products for human consumption inland is negligible. During the recent years the government has placed the sector on National Development Agenda and Livestock Development Policy has been implemented focused at private sector led livestock development, with the enabling environment provided by the government. Livestock and Dairy Development Board (LDDB) and Pakistan Dairy Development Company (PDDC) have been established in addition to other developmental organizations, to spearhead the development efforts. These two programs have been actively focusing on small and medium dairy farmers. National livestock production comprises US$ 22.5 b of milk and US$ 6.0 b meat, contributed by cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats valuing US$ 73 b. Our province contributes 14% of these assets.We intend to develop a business incentives package with the help of provincial government and KPCCI for the farmers and graduates to develop the dairy related business and utilize the available resources productively. International investment will be explored through various sources including the foreign missions.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationPeshawar
PublisherAgricultural University, Peshawar
ISBN (Print)9789694220017
Publication statusPublished - 2011


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