Professional learning regarding pedagogy in a virtual academically selective high school

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This mixed methods research is part of a wider case study of the first academically selective secondary school in western New South Wales, Australia. Teachers were distributed across a number of school sites, as were the students they taught in regular classes in a synchronous and asynchronous manner. Teachers described some of the challenges they faced; how they overcame them, and the overall professional gains that can be found in a collegial atmosphere divided by time and distance. Technologies used are discussed, methods of developing quality daily professional communication at a distance, in addition to the professional learning possible around assessment for gifted and talented students. The research could have applications in learning environments where gifted students are separated from their teachers due to extended periods of poor weather, geographic isolation, or the choice to attend their local secondary school which may not have a large cohort of like-minds, instead of a full time residential boarding school away from family and friends. The case study outlines a manner in which gifted students can form an online cohort of peers for regular instruction of the required syllabus in several Key Learning Areas.


Conference21st World Conference of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC)
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