Real evidence-based practice: Learning and assessment resources for clinicians supervising students on placement

Kylie Murphy

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Evidence-based practice (EBP) in healthcare is best understood as a client-centred, question-in-context driven process of evidence collection, collaboration, and critical reasoning to facilitate defensible healthcare decisions. In response to an identified lack of practical guidance tailored to clinical placement supervisors, the aim of this study was to develop EBP learning and assessment resources for use by clinicians who supervise students on placement. The purpose of these resources was to assist supervisors to facilitate and assess students' EBP in a way that respects the already heavy demands on placement supervisors’ time.
An action research approach was taken to the development of the resources, involving cycles of action and reflection drawing on input and feedback from health academics, placement-experienced students, and placement supervisors. Various modes of data collection were employed with these stakeholder groups, including interviews and focus groups, to ensure that stakeholder needs were being addressed.
This approach has resulted in a framework believed by all stakeholders to be potentially valuable in improving the EBP education of health professionals. Qualitative content analysis revealed four key themes in the stakeholder feedback: the framework clarifies the nature of EBP; the ‘prompting’ questions are useful; the emphasis on ‘asking’ in EBP is valuable; and the framework provides a common language.
Respectful consultation with academics, students, and supervisors during this study has resulted in the production of resources that promise to be helpful in facilitating a shared understanding between academics, students, and supervisors about the principles and processes involved in high-quality EBP. It is hoped that the practical guidelines developed will help supervisors to feel more confident in the EBP teaching and assessment aspects of their supervision practice. Maximising EBP learning during clinical placements will ultimately enhance the quality of healthcare practice.


Seminar2020 NSW Allied Health Research Showcase
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