Realising practical wisdom from the pursuit of wise practice

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    If we leap forward more than two centuries, we arrive at a time of debate between those who embrace a social science perspective and those for whom instrumental rationality holds such obvious pride of place that it is as though no other position exists. Social theorists, such as Bourdieu (2004), Ralston Saul (1993), Sandywell (1996), and Schön (1983), have highlighted the sublimation of value rationality by instrumentalist rationality. Schön (1995) decried the emphasis on technical rationality, whereas Taylor (1995) challenged the hegemonic rationality of modern universities. However, the time is both right and necessary for the world of professional practice and education to balance these rationalities (see Flyvbjerg, 2001). In the words of Veteratoris, we can find excellence of mind in each perspective, and as we face the 'wicked problems'ii of the 21st century, we need to draw upon multiple perspectives and many answers, such as the multiple views expressed throughout this book. In this chapter, the place of phronesis is examined in the context of the pursuit of wise practice and the generation of practical knowledge.
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