Reusing knowledge in online forums: A pilot study

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While universities generate knowledge, they may not often effectively reuse and share that knowledge. Academic colleagues sometimes reinvent the wheels to recreate the same or similar type of knowledge and intellectual work. As the forum is a popular online teaching tool, this research focuses on the examination of how knowledge, created by a learning and teaching community in forums within an online learning environment, can be reused when a subject is run again or handed over to a different colleague later. It is qualitative interpretive research. To investigate the sharing and reuse of knowledge amongst academics, a focus group was conducted with eight experienced subject coordinators who have used online forums in teaching. They were from three different university schools and different disciplines. The participants produced a plethora of rich information regarding potential knowledge reuse about subjects, focusing on subject contents, assignment help, class discussions, learning difficulties and experiences. This study suggests that the development of a knowledge-sharing culture, university policies, or knowledge management leadership can effectively encourage sharing and reuse of knowledge within a university environment. This is an empirical investigation of a theoretical hypothesis raising issues for further research. The paper is based on a full understanding of the existing state of knowledge in the field and is an original contribution to understanding of the issues. The treatment shows evidence of critical evaluation and conclusions appear relevant and soundly based
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2010

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