Review: Mighty, Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre

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Mighty is an exceptional new drama developed by Adam Deusien in collaboration with Alison Plevey, and one of Australia’s most astonishing living sculptor’s Harrie Fasher. Over a two-and-a-half-year period Fasher, Deusien and Plevey worked collaboratively in forging a connection between theatrical production and visual art. This has resulted in highly stylised and impressive production that oscillates around a key question: ‘Is might right?’. Such a question came from a concern that there is a disproportionate amount of value given to power especially when it undercuts other ways of being in the world –attitudes and sensibilities that are morally commendable such as compassion and kindness.
Original languageEnglish
Specialist publicationPerforming Artshub
Publication statusPublished - 01 Mar 2019


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