Rural adolescent gifted girls: Exploring the impact of popular culture on their talent development

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    Adolescents experience an abundance of popular culture in their lives that provides them with information, role models and advice about career options, lifestyle and aspirations. The impact of popular culture on all girls is well documented in the literature which suggests that it is a powerful influence on their lives. Understanding the relationship that adolescent gifted girls in rural settings have with popular culture, and its impact on their talent development, can ensure that the lived experiences of these girls afford them the opportunity to achieve to their potential. An outline of a model of talent development that evolved from a study of adolescent gifted girls in a rural context in Australia is provided in this chapter. Informed by the Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent (Gagné, 2009) and gender-specific talent development models (e.g. Kerr and Larson, 2007; Noble et al., 1999; Reis, 1998), the model identifies important influences on the aspirations of adolescent gifted girls, and unlike the earlier models, includes popular culture as a key influence on adolescent gifted girls. A process for supporting gifted girls as they navigate their world, establish their identity and work towards achieving their potential is introduced. Suggestions are outlined for approaches and activities to support rural adolescent gifted girls to explore their giftedness and achieve their talent potential. An alternate view of eminence showing the recognition of the local domain as a venue for talent performance is elaborated. Through this alternate view of eminence, which is not simply about fame, rural adolescent gifted girls will have ways to remain connected to their rural contexts while concomitantly achieving their potential.
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    Title of host publicationHandbook of giftedness and talent development in the Asia-Pacific
    EditorsSusen R Smith
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    Publication statusPublished - 2021

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