Sero-prevalence of Hepatitis B and C Virus from rural areas of northern Punjab (Sargodha District), Pakistan

N. Bostan, M. Naeem, M. S. Afzal, Z. H. Shah, I. Mustafa, M. Arshad, W. Haider, A. A. Khan, S. Asif, M. R. Khan, S. S. Ahmad, S. Ali, M. Naveed, H. Ahmed

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Abstract. Pakistan is endemic for hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) infectionswith 10 and 11 million infections, respectively. The epidemiological studies of these virusshowed that the information is only from few cities of the country and is relevant to high riskgroups. It is of great importance to have an idea about the prevalence of infectious agents ingeneral population to help in identification of hot spot for infections. Identification of hotspots will help in disease management for future. As the there is no report form districtSargodha (Punjab Province) so this study was designed to analyze the prevalence of HBV andHCV in general population. Blood samples of 2373 randomly selected individuals from sixdifferent tehsils were collected and were analyzed for HBV and HCV sero-positivity. Anoverall prevalence of both HBV and HCV in district Sargodha was 28.10% (667/2373). HCVprevalence was (20.01%) and HBV seropositivity was (8.09%). Males were more infected thanfemales, and a significant difference was found in positive cases between male (58.77%) andfemale (41.22%). The most common routes of transmission of hepatitis virus in present studywere shaving assisted by barbers in male patients 143 (21.43%), non sterile or used needles &syringes 127 (19.04%), dental surgical procedures 88 (13.19%), and sharing razors in males 49(7.34%). In female patients a significant factor is labor and child birth process. Most cases ofhepatitis were seen in mesons, farmers and house wives. The prevalence of HBV and HCV ingeneral population of district Sargodha is very high. The study will help for better managementof disease to contain the disease spread. The study highlighted that District Sargodha isendemic for these viral infections and it is highly warranted to carry out more studies to getbetter idea about the infection spread. Community education campaigns are also highlywarranted to general population as well as high risk population to control future diseasespread
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)599-607
Number of pages10
JournalTropical Biomedicine
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2016

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