Skills for Intelligence-Led Private Investigators

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Since 9/11 the value of intelligence ' the ability to locate, Identify, and analyze possible threats to state or national interests ' cannot be understated. Typically, intelligence led investigations post 9/11 are a blend of sophisticated information gathering processes and intelligence based analytic methodologies undertaken by governments agencies, law enforcement and defense personnel. These bodies are often well resourced with human capital and new technologies supported by legislation to empower agencies to effectively use those resources and technologies. But in the 21st century the value of intelligence has also been recognized by the private and commercial sectors. Intelligence gathering is now a vital tool used by private security and investigative firms to meet demands from a diverse clientele. Subsequently, the challenge for private investigators post 9/11 is how to provide clients with intelligence based services on limited resources and legislative powers no greater than the average citizen in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom or Australasia. This chapter will highlight and discuss how investigators can develop their knowledge, skills and values to provide informed professional intelligence led investigation services.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationIntelligence and Private Investigation
Subtitle of host publicationDeveloping Sophisticated Methods for Conducting Inquiries
EditorsHank Prunckun
Place of PublicationSpringfield IL
PublisherCharles C. Thomas Publisher Ltd
Number of pages13
ISBN (Print)9780398088880
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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