Stainles Steel Rat

Martin Kinnane

    Research output: Non-textual outputs, including Creative WorksCreative Works - Live Performance


    Stainless Steel Rat by Ron Elisha Directed by Wayne Harrison. 'If we can only live once, then let it be a daring adventure that draws on all our powers.' Julian AssangeIn this daring new play, simple questions are asked. Who is Julian Assange? A bogan with a modem? Or the most consequential revolutionary Australian of our time? How is it possible that a self-educated 'hactivist' from the outskirts of Melbourne, who never finished high school, could change the world and initiate a global chess game in which Barack Obama, Dmitry Medvedev and even our own Julia Gillard are not just key players, but pieces on the board itself?This 'wikiplay', an exposé on the secrecy of government being destroyed by new concepts of technology, derives inspiration from the words of Assange himself: 'Change the world' through passion, inspiration and trickery!'
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationYork Theatre, Seymour Centre, Sydney
    PublisherWayne Harrison's Cheep
    SizeLighting; full length theatre performance
    Publication statusPublished - 2011


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