Studies on the Freezability of Kundhi Buffalo Bull Semen

Z. U. Rehman, M. U Samo, T. A. Qureshi, Shahbaz Khan, Muhammad Qureshi, F. A. Khan, Bahadadr

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This study was conducted to assess the post thaw quality of Kundhi buffalo semen diluted in tris based diluents. Aftercollection the ejaculates were pooled and checked for color, volume, pH, mass activity, progressive linear motility%(PLM), and intactness of cell membrane. The semen qualifying these tests was divided into four aliquots A, B, C and D,diluted with tris based diluents; the last three diluents containing sugar types glucose, fructose and lactose respectively.Aliquot A was without sugar and severed as control. These were frozen, stored for 24 hrs, thawed and incubated at 350Cfor 5 hrs. The incubated semen aliquots were examined for PLM and membrane integrity of sperm cells with phasecontrast microscopy and HOST procedures. It was observed that all the ejaculates were creamy white in color. The mean(±SEM) volume, mass activity, sperm concentration, PLM, and intactness of cell membrane were 1.70 (±0.09) ml, 3.22(±0.074), 1.58 (±0.136) x 109/ml, 64.53 (±0.757) % and 55.63 (±0.945)% respectively for fresh semen. A significantdifference was observed in pH values of the fresh semen samples among the bulls. There was a significant decrease inthe number of motile cells and the cells with intact membrane after thawing and incubation of the semen at 350C.Addition of fructose in the diluents was found to be superior in maintaining higher PLM and intactness of membraneafter thawing and incubation. The objective method, Osmotic resistance test (ORT) was found to be the useful parameterfor assessment of in-vitro fertility of Kundhi buffalo bull semen.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)18-23
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Animal and Plant Sciences
Issue numberSupplement No 2
Publication statusPublished - 2012


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