Survey of species diversity, distribution and abundance of fireflies in Singapore

Su Hooi Chan, Lesley Ballantyne, Colleen, A. Goh

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Surveys were carried out from February 2009 to April 2010 in Singapore to document the species diversity, distribution and abundance of fireflies at selected sites. Five different habitats have been surveyed. The survey has revealed the possible occurrence of seven genera and 11 species (several unidentified). Three genera are from the subfamily Luciolinae, two from the Lampyrinae, one from the Ototretinae and one from the family Rhagophthalmidae. We have confirmed the original records of Pteroptyx valida Olivier, Stenocladius sp. and Diplocladon sp. but not of Pteroptyx bearni Olivier and Lucidina wallacei Pic. The survey is establishing which areas have a higher species abundance and diversity. Some insight into firefly habitat preference is emerging. Results of the survey will allow identification of some of the key firefly habitats in Singapore, and a better understanding of the habitat requirements of the fireflies. This information will guide future efforts in the conservation of fireflies in Singapore.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)113-122
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2012


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