Sustainability, governance and participation: A journey with local government

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This book tells the story of a rare and unique insight into a local government's involvement of community in decision making. This is a "behind the scenes" exploration of the sometimes stormy interactions between Informal Society, Civil and Civic Society. The Informal Society was composed of residents of the Liverpool Local Government area, people from all walks of life. The Civil Society was made up of non-government organisations. And the Civic Society consisted of government and business leaders. The many workshops, interviews, and documents analysed provided a stimulus for insightful relationships and the emergence of new models for Government engaging its citizens in the decision making processes. With a focus on sustainability and a deliberative inclusion of ordinary men and women in the decision making process, the Liverpool Partnership Project offers other government bodies and businesses a range of strategies aimed at successfully engaging the community in its civic development This book containa a wealth of knowledge and invaluable accounts of what was a ground breaking approach to linking, governance, participation, and sustainability.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationSaarbrucken
PublisherVDM Verlag
Number of pages430
ISBN (Print)9783639324181
Publication statusPublished - 2011


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