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Translated title of the contribution: Review of diagnostic criteria for speech sound disorders in children

Van Thi Pham, Ben Pham, Sharynne McLeod, Trung Vo Nguyen

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Speech sound disorders (SSD) is a common communication disorder with long-term consequences in children. Diagnosis and assessment play an important role in the identification of SSD and its severity, to assist goal setting and intervention planning and to measure progression. In order to define and describe diagnostic criteria regarding SSD in children, this review paper uses content analysis of 14 studies reporting on children with SSD. Results reveal that diagnostic criteria for SSD in children include: 1) Mean scores of percentage phonemes correct (e.g., percentage of consonants correct, PCC, and percentage of vowels correct, PVC);2) phonological processes; 3) “concern” from parents, teachers, and children themselves about children’s speech and pronunciation; and 4) children's speech intelligibility. While mean scores of the percentage of consonants correct were varied between studies, diagnostic criteria for identifying SSD were achieving a PCC score between one and two standard deviations below the mean for the child’s age. Some children with SSD were reported to use phonological processes that are occasional (>10%) and rare (>5%), or are still being used at an older agecompared to typically developing children. Many children with SSD had parents and teacherswho were concerned about their speech and pronunciation. Mean scores of young children’sspeech intelligibility measured by the Intelligibility in Context Scale were typically below 4.0.This review provides useful information and a foundation for research and clinical practice in alanguage in which diagnosis criteria for SSD have not been established.
Translated title of the contributionReview of diagnostic criteria for speech sound disorders in children
Original languageVietnamese
Pages (from-to)82-97
Number of pages16
JournalHNUE Journal of Science
Issue number4AB
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2021

Grant Number

  • DP180102848


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