Taking in Strangers/ Rubbing Shoulders with Post-war Newcomers

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A photographic exhibition supported by two interpretative brochures that explored issues related to the host society reception of post-war strangers at a place adjacent to Australia's largest and longest-lasting migrant reception centre, the Bonegilla Reception and Training Centre (1947-1971). The exhibition and brochures coincided with the 2013 Heritage Week and its theme of "Picture This" which was to encourage people to think about the potential and limitations of visual materials as historical sources. The images were drawn from the official and media archives held principally by the National Archives of Australia and the Border Morning Mail: family photographs of former residents from the Bonegilla Collection at Albury Library Museum (ALM) and the Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria (SLV). The research was assisted by funds allocated to Parklands Albury-Wodonga by the Royal Australian Historical Society through the Heritage Branch of the NSW Office of Planning. Wodonga City Council provided support and encouragement. This collection of images is one of a set of memory prompts to help people explore the responses of the local Albury-Wodonga community and the nation to the post-war mass immigration program.
Original languageEnglish
TypePhoto exhibition of post-war strangers adjacent to Aust's largest, longest-lasting migrant centre.
PublisherWodonga City Council
Place of PublicationWodonga, Vic, Australia
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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NameTaking in Strangers/ Rubbing Shoulders with Post-war Newcomers


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