The control and possible eradication of HIV/AIDS using electromagnetic (EM) radiation

Edison A Enaibe, Erhieyovwe Akpata, Judith Umukoro, Ezekiel U. Nwose

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Some waves in nature behave parasitically when they interfere with another one. Such waves as the name implies have the ability of transforming the initial characteristics and behavior of the host wave to its own form and quality after a period of time. Under this circumstance, all the active constituents of the host wave would have been completely eroded and the resulting wave which is now parasitically monochromatic will eventually attenuate to zero, since the parasitic wave does not have its own physical parameters for sustaining a continuous independent existence. If the vibration of anything is known, then its characteristics can be predicted and be destroyed by an anti-vibrating component. In this work, we calculated the latent Human vibration and that of the HIV vibration. We also show quantitatively how regulated dose of electromagnetic (EM) wave, can be used for the control and possible eradication of HIV/AIDS infection from the Human system. The spectrum of the interception of the applied EM wave with the HIV vibration in the Human system shows a zero amplitude and frequency in the interval when the raising multiplier [0, 892] with a corresponding time interval [0, 0.008897s]. It is shown in this study that the actual time of exposure of the HIV/AIDS patient to EM radiation therapy is about 0.56 seconds. This study also shows that the time it takes the applied EM wave to destroy the HIV vibration completely from the human system is also determined by the path difference between the phase angle of the applied oscillating EM wave and the phase angle of the HIV latent vibration. It is pertinent to note that radiation therapy is already being applied in treatment of HIV/AIDS patients, but more with regards to associated cancer morbidity. What this study is bringing to focus is that electromagnetic radiation may potentially eradicate HIV.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-31
Number of pages31
JournalJournal of Scientific Research and Reports
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 24 Jun 2017


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