The role of virtual collaborative communities in sustaining rural micro-business resilience

Jodie Kleinschafer, Kath Attree

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Across the world we are seeing the adverse impact of impact of climate change including drought, floods, bushfires, and storms wreak havoc on towns and communities. Businesses in these areas are frequently heavily affected and struggle to survive in the face of reduced output, loss of vital infrastructure, and challenges to their operation. Evidence from the literature suggests that entrepreneurial activities may act as an antidote for communities those facing social, economic and climate challenges. Additionally, digital technology may provide the opportunity for businesses and organisations in these locations to harness digital affordances, establish new virtual communities of practice, and trial new entrepreneurial activities and innovative business opportunities.
Using examples from the Australian context, this presentation explores how virtual collaborative communities can operate as digital entrepreneurial ecosystems to support the development, growth, and resilience of regional and rural micro-businesses in response to the adverse impacts of globalization and climate change.


ConferenceInternational Scientific Conference on Digitalization, Innovations and Sustainable Development: Trends and Business Perspectives
OtherCollege of Business - Australian University is organising the International Scientific Conference aiming to bring together researchers, industry representatives, scholars and policymakers to present and discuss their research on the frontiers of knowledge of selected topics in the field of digitalization, innovations and sustainable development. The theme of the Conference - Digitalization, Innovations and sustainable Development: Trends and Business Perspectives - is chosen so broadly to accommodate diverse issues and implications that innovations and digitalization are bringing to businesses and society.
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