The role of visual communication design on environmental campaigns: A case study

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The world as we know it has many environmental issues competing for our attention, with all of the Earth’s surfaces showing signs of human activity. Much of the world’s population knows of an issue that is directly affecting them, and so many professionals are trying to resolve, or at least slow down the effects of an issue. This research is focused on how visual communication design can play a contributing factor to help people behave more pro-environmentally, specifically to help the marine environment. Drawing on research collected from behavioural sciences, communication and design, a theoretical framework has been developed and started to be tested on live case studies. This paper reports on the implementation and results of this framework and evaluates its efficacy as a developmental and evaluative tool for environmental communicators. This will be in the form of a literature review and case study analysis and will draw on research methods such as interviews and thematic analysis to guide discussions.


ConferenceSixteenth International Conference on Design Principles and Practices
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