The sound of water: Environmental flows in Nap Nap Swamp

Mitchell Whitelaw (Artist), Skye Wassens (Artist)

Research output: Non-textual outputs, including Creative WorksCreative Works - Recorded or Rendered works


Digital engagement with environmental conservation and biodiversity is growing, through citizen science platforms, apps and websites. Sharma et al (2019) have found that such digital engagement is effective in cultivating attachments to nature. Digital journalism and science communication increasingly uses rich, data-driven representations of environments. We created an innovative interactive audio visualisation to engage a wide audience with life in the Murrumbidgee wetlands.


●To use audio visualisations and other media to create engaging digital portrayals of wetland ecosystems
●To illustrate the ecological benefits of environmental water for Murrumbidgee wetlands to a wide, general audience
The webpage is made up of content elements which draws together visualisations of audio files, aerial images, maps and introductory text along with species profiles. The webpage allows users to interact with audio recordings listen to changes in calling activity following the delivery of environmental flows.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherCommonwealth Environmental Water Office
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - 15 Dec 2021

Grant Number

  • RM102675


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