The Sumbiotarian Afternoon Tea

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    This performance was an act of sharing dialogue and food. Food was prepared with a Gheidistual element and presented as a Sumbiotarian afternoon tea. Every item made available for the afternoon tea was prepared only from what could be scavenged form the 2023 square meters of my house block. A Sumbiotarian eats on the principle of ecological concern. Food was sourced based upon the individual footprint of every item to fit within the bio-regional capacities for food production.

    I led conversation on the availability of food around us, our lack of knowledge of the land, we shared thoughts and new knowledge was formed through the bond over food. Here food was used as a creative catalyst to discuss broader environmental and cultural concerns.

    The performance contributes to an increasing dialogue of food-ethics for the Anthropocene.
    Original languageEnglish
    Media of outputArtwork
    Publication statusPublished - 07 Apr 2017


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