Sumrak neoliberalisma

Translated title of the contribution: The 'twilight' of neoliberalism

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Major unpredictable and unprecedented events in recent decades have significantly changed the contemporary social structures of industrialism. However, such changes were not met with appropriate responses in and from Western countries. Thus they imposed their lagging behind programs and failed economic policies on the countries of the former Eastern Bloc as an alternative to the fading real socialism. Instead of accepting these countries as partners in opening new perspectives of 'accelerated history', Western countries supported the right-wing forces of the countries of former real socialism, placing them in a dependent position and social development of the early stages of capitalism.
Such major changes in social development emphasize the importance and the role of creative scientific thoughts, modern social programs, information economy and the role of responsible and competent political activity. Moreover, the role of these forces in the Western Balkans becomes even more important, knowing that instead of democratic processes, stubbornness (that (s)he from other 'religious camp' must not come to power) inste
Translated title of the contributionThe 'twilight' of neoliberalism
Original languageMultiple languages
Title of host publicationJubilarni Glasnik Bosnjacke Akademije Nauke i Umjetnosti (BANU)
EditorsMehmed Aksamija
Place of PublicationSarajevo
PublisherBosniaks Academy of Science and Art
ISBN (Electronic)2303-7725
Publication statusPublished - 01 Jun 2021


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