The ultrasound unit and infection control – Are we on the right track?

Susan C. Westerway, Jocelyne M. Basseal

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Best practice guidelines for the disinfection of ultrasound transducers and infection prevention in ultrasound departments are generally recommended by either government health groups or the ultrasound societies of individual countries. The literature shows a wide variance in not only transducer cleaning methods but basic hygiene practices in the ultrasound workplace. This paper describes results from a UK survey of disinfection of ultrasound transducers and hygiene practice in the workplace. The survey revealed that some ultrasound practitioners did not follow current guidelines with regard to the correct disinfection method of transducers, cords or ultrasound machine keyboards. Furthermore, the survey exposed the lack of training from the product manufacturers on how to use the disinfection product appropriately. These inconsistencies may be responsible for compliance issues and highlight the need for an awareness campaign and a unified approach to infection control by ultrasound practitioners.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)53-57
Number of pages5
Issue number1
Early online date11 Jan 2017
Publication statusPublished - 01 Feb 2017


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