The War without Bullets: Socio-Structural Violence from a Critical Standpoint

David Fryer, C. McCormack

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How should socio-structural violence be understood and how should that understanding be progressively deployed? For over a quarter of a century we, Cathy and David, have attempted to work in mutually supportive and mutually stimulating, if sometimes separate and parallel, ways, as community activist and community psychologist respectively, in attempts to address this question. Each of us has focused critically, albeit in different ways, on interconnections between material poverty, societal inequality, socio-economic policy and psycho-social destruction in attempts to understand and contest socio-structural violence. The standpoint from which this paper is written is fundamentally one of community praxis, a standpoint from which we seek to understand and contest both how societal constructions (such as unemployment, psychologically toxic labour market entrapment, poverty, inequality, disabling practices, psy-pharmacology, gendered, heterosexist and racist oppression, etc.) immiserate, destroy and obliterate and to understand and challenge oppressive forms of psychology; to de-construct, de-legitimise and de-ideologise the socio-political processes through which oppressive 'psy' claims are given the status of 'knowledge' or 'truth'; to render transparent and accountable the subjective, material, institutional, societal, political and ideological 'psy' interests served by what is, and what is not, thought, said and done by all relevant subjects; to engage in progressive social action interconnected to and simultaneous with emancipatory power-o knowledge construction and legitimation and profound radical reflexivity, and to facilitate emancipatory process and outcome through progressive redistribution of social power, rather than collude with, or contribute to, reactionary notions of power as the property of an individual.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationICCP 2010
Subtitle of host publicationCommunity Approaches to Contemporary Social Problems
Place of PublicationPuebla, Mexico
PublisherUniversidad Iberoamericana
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Event3rd International Conference on Community Psychology (ICCP) 2010 - Puebla, Mexico
Duration: 03 Jun 201005 Jun 2010 (Conference information);jsessionid=5B766A604BF77D1D6E36DA11CA534B23?sequence=1 (Foreword)


Conference3rd International Conference on Community Psychology (ICCP) 2010
Abbreviated titleCommunity Approaches to Contemporary Social Problems
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