The Zen Master and the Big Aristotle: Cultivating a Philosopher in the Low Post

Fritz Allhoff, Anand Vaidya

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    What can the film Hoosiers teach us about the meaning of life? How can ancient Eastern wisdom traditions, such as Taoism and Zen buddhism, improve our jump-shots? What can the "Zen Master" (Phil Jackson) and the "Big Aristotle" (Shaquille O'Neal) teach us about sustained excellence and success? Is women's basketball "better" basketball? How, ethically, should one deal with a strategic cheater in pickup basketball? With NBA and NCAA team rosters constantly changing, what does it mean to play for the "same team"? What can coaching legends Dean Smith, Rick Pitino, Pat Summitt, and Mike Krzyzewski teach us about character, achievement, and competition? What makes basketball such a beautiful game to watch and play?In Basketball and Philosophy, a Dream Team of twenty-six academics trained in philosophy--also diehard hoops fans--proves that basketball is the thinking fan's sport. Whether you play basketball, coach it, or just love to watch it, this book will forever enrich your understanding and appreciation of the game.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationBasketball and Philosophy
    Subtitle of host publicationThinking Outside the Paint
    Place of PublicationLexington, USA
    PublisherUniversity Press of Kentucky
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    ISBN (Print)9780813124353
    Publication statusPublished - Mar 2007

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