Time of; Place of. Drawing towards new relationships of care

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In the exhibition of new creative works - 'Time of; Place of. Drawing towards new relationships of care,' I undertook investigation that delved into the materiality of the Piliga Forest, utilizing its elements to explore novel and traditional connections with the space/place. The construction of new artworks exclusively relied on materials sourced on-site, encompassing ochres, resins, ash, bark, and detritus - all reconfigured into new drawings (of care). This deliberate and slow-drawing process with materials from the Piliga Forest facilitated the persistence of relationships across time and place, even when working remotely.
Notably, each day spent working saw the incorporation of ochre or ash into the artist's skin through the process, part of maintaining an enduring connection with the Piliga. The artistic endeavor extended to detailing sites frequented by my grandfather, an apiarist, wherein raw materials were collected to allow development of new creative works. This process engendered a site-specific intergenerational relationship, a focal point for examination through practice-led research as an initial step into exploring ecological and cultural exchanges across time.
To enrich the exploration, historical records and archived materials were accessed and explored visually, introducing additional layers of meaning to the images and expanding the work's connection with a broader sense of place and time.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationCoonabarabran
PublisherSPACE Gallery
Media of outputArtwork
Size20 New Works
Publication statusPublished - 16 Nov 2023


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