Triangular relationship of blood sugar, obesity and periodontal disease at individual vs. population level

Anayochukwu Edward Anyasodor, Ezekiel Uba Nwose, Phillip Taderera Bwititi, Ross Stuart Richards, Kenneth Okolie, Luke Itietie Mudiaga

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There has been indication of correlation between periodontal disease and metabolic syndrome. Reports including review article suggest a triangular relationship between the trios of diabetes, obesity and periodontitis. However, the extent of the correlation has neither been defined, nor data generated to substantiate the correlations. This population-based study investigated the relationship in rural Nigerian communities. The study areas were Ndokwa communities and the research performance site was Catholic Hospital Abbi. A total of 385 subjects participated in a health screening during which fasting blood glucose (FBG), body mass index (BMI) and ODI scores were collected. Among this, a cohort of N = 175 who had lipid profile results were identified. ODI information was collected using a questionnaire and interpreted in collaboration with Dental Clinic at Eku Baptist Government Hospital. Correlation analysis was undertaken, based on FBG, BMI and lipid profile in relation to ODI scores. Correlation was compared in subpopulations and individuals. Results showed that there is strong positive correlation of FBG with ODI scores in subpopulations (r = 0.81). ODI scores correlates strongly and better with BMI in subpopulations (r = 0.94), relative to lipid profile. Association of FBG, lipids and ODI scores was stronger in subpopulations than in individuals. In conclusion there is a triad of relationship between BMI, FBG and periodontal health. Diabetes may be predicted in obese patients who present with ODI at orodental clinic.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)52-56
Number of pages5
JournalWorld Journal of Medical Sciences
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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