Trunk control is altered after playing an elite u20s basketball game

Suzi Edwards, Katherine Dooley, Susan Snodgrass, Tania Pizzari, Ebony Rio, Adrian Schultz, Luke Donnan, Tye McGann, Mick Drew

Research output: Other contribution to conferencePosterpeer-review


Erroneous conclusions about game effects may be made when game simulations or laboratory-based fatigue protocols areused, due to the task-dependent effects of fatigue. This study was the first to investigate how playing an elite U20s basketballgame alters trunk control during an anticipated cut task. Postgame, players significantly increased their trunk flexion and reduced their trunk rotation, but did not change their peak joint moments during the cut task versus pre-game. Biomechanical assessment of a fresh player’s agility technique may not be representative of what is occurring on court, and is likely toprovide clinicians with a non-optimal assessment of their injury risk and athletic performance during a game.


Conference2019 International Society of Biomechanics/American Society of Biomechanics Conference
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