Uncovered UNCOVERED: a journal essay for Art and Australia

Neill Overton

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A published journal essay for the national publication of Art and Australia quarterly journal, entitled: ART AND AUSTRALIA, volume 50, number 3, March 2012. Published by Art and Australia Pty Ltd., NSW. Editor Eleonora Triguboff. Autumn 2013 February/March/April publication. This publication is the leading quarterly journal of art criticism in Australia. My contribution was a theoretic repositioning of the role of performance art and sound art in relation to past and contemporary museology practices. I gave a critique of contemporary performance art and the role of 1970s sculpture towards a performative or hybrid music context. The essay addresses through exhibition review and analysis the context regarding the devolution of Australian sculpture since the 1970s in a national and international context, and a nationwide reengagement with "sculpture as interactivity" and the inter-textual possibilities in merged art practices within the art museum. My essay provides a review of conceptual and regional artspaces and reanimated exhibition practices within current art curation.
Original languageEnglish
TypeA published journal essay for Art and Australia
PublisherArt and Australia Pty Ltd., NSW.
Place of PublicationNSW
Publication statusPublished - 2013

Publication series

NameArt and Australia

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