Unusual gross presentation of Sarcocystis-like pectoral muscle lymphoma attributed to Marek's disease in a backyard chicken

Carlos Daniel Gornatti Churria, Panayiotis Loukopoulos, N. Arias, J. Origlia, C. Netri, M. Herrero Loyola, M. Piscopo

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ConferenceX Reunion Argentina De Patologia Veterinaria 2016 (X RAPAVE) / 10 Seminario De La Fundacion 'Charles Louis Davis' En Argentina
Abbreviated titleVeterinary pathology
OtherThe idea of ​​RAPAVE arose in the Pathological Anatomy Unit of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the UACh in Valdivia, Chile, in April 1996. In “laboratory talks”, Dr. Ana María Canal and Dr. Eduardo Juan Gimeno thought of holding a meeting of Veterinary Pathologists at the College of Hope. Afterwards, it was thought to give continuity and organize a periodic meeting, imitating the schedule that the Brazilian colleagues had been implementing without interruption with their “National Meeting of Veterinary Pathology” since 1983 in all odd-numbered years. The Argentine Association of Veterinary Pathology was accepted as a Chapter of the Veterinary Medicine Society in 2008. Since then, the abstracts presented at RAPAVE have been published in the Journal of Veterinary Medicine.
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