What is Web 3.0? the next generation semantic web. Part 1

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The internet has changed the way we think of information and technology. Now, all our students are born into a digital era that is significantly changing their literacy and information encounters and the ways they can learn. Participative new media tools have altered the shape and experience of learning, and have provided teacher librarians in this changing learning environment with new skills, new tools and new ways of working with literacy, information literacy and digital fluency (O'Connell, 2008). If there is any doubt about the scope and impact of the new technology environment, the NMC Horizon report. 2011 K'12 edition (Johnson et al, 2011), issued annually since 2009, has identified and described emerging technologies that are having a significant impact on K'12 education, reiterating the diversity of influences in the learning spaces of our schools.
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Publication statusPublished - Aug 2011


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