When is a house not home? Disciples and family in Mark 3.13-35

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The paper provides a study of the disciples and family of Jesus in Mark 3.13-35. It argues, against the prevailing interpretations, that (1) Mark 3.13-35 should be viewed as a subsection of 3.13-6.13, thus 3.20-35 should not be read in isolation from 3.13-19. (2) Recognising the connection of 3.13-19 to 3.22-35 by 3.20-21 points the way to identifying the twelve as those who sought to restrain Jesus. (3) On this basis an outline reading of 3.20-35 is given. Four groups fall under critique here: the twelve, the crowd, the scribes from Jerusalem and the family, the last of these less severely than the other three groups. (4) Family is redefined in terms of discipleship and discipleship in terms of family. (5) The study also argues that, according to Mark, the households of supporters were the strategic centres of the Jesus movement. These are contrasted with synagogues and Temple, which are places of opposition to the Jesus movement.
Original languageEnglish
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JournalNew Testament Studies
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1999


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