When "yes" turns to "no": Young children's disputes during computer game playing in the home

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Purpose: The chapter examines disputes produced by two young children during computer game playing and considers how the disputes were related to the children's on-going activity. Methodology/approachThe study is framed by ethnomethodology and conversation analysis. Sequential analysis of recorded data details the mutual production of disputes during talk and interaction. FindingsThe analysis establishes how the children made each other accountable to the agreed upon way of playing the game after one child offered to show the other how to play. Conflict developed during the game and disputes built upon previous disputes, especially in relation to claims made about knowing how to play. Research implicationsThe disputes here are best understood in relation to how disagreement was avoided initially but then emerged as the gaming progressed. Examining disputes in the course of computer activity shows how the children turn agreement into disagreement over time. Social implicationsThis study establishes some of the ways that disputes arise out of young children's social interactions during computer game playing and how disputes are related, or not, to shared understandings of what is going on moment-by-moment in the game.OriginalityOverall, the chapter provides a detailed sequential analysis across computer activity and establishes how the children's disputes challenge the order of game playing as the game progresses.Keywords:Young children's disputes; computer game playing; conversation analysis; home computer use Research paper
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDisputes in everyday life
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EditorsSusan Danby, Maryanne Theobald
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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