Winning against seeds: Management tools for your sheep enterprise

Bruce Hancock, Heidi Schuster, Peter Krupa, Peter Fowler, Andrew Hay, Roger Fletcher, Gerard Spicer, Graham Jackson, Dale Cameron, Darren Thomas, Vuaghan Sampson, Paul Fitzsummons, Karl Behrendt, Racquel Wall, Charles Grech, Tim Prance, Elke Hocking, Ross Briton, Tracey Strugnell, Keith DevenishRichard Apps, Sandy McEachern, San Jolly, Michael Camac, Andrew Jackson, Richard James, Noel Evans

    Research output: Book/ReportBook


    Winning against seeds provides Australian lamb and sheepmeat producers and their service providers with essential tools to produce ‘seed-free’ products. It identifies problem grasses and weeds, quantifies their impact on the industry and collates the experiences of producers who have won against grass seed contamination. Producers who win against seeds:• Identify problem plant species and are familiar with their time of flowering and seed set• Determine the cost of seed contamination to their business• Explore available seed reduction and seed avoidance strategies• Determine the most cost effective and profitable strategies for their production system• Obtain feedback from processors and monitor, review and improve their management strategiesCommon seed management strategies include:• Grazing management (stocking density, time of lambing, grazing rotation)• Agronomic management (pasture manipulation, slashing, confinement crops, fodder conservation)• Target market and time of turn-offTo control problem grasses in the short-term, producers make a start on one or two paddocks, rather than the whole farm. This usually provides enough feed to finish weaners or carry them through to stubbles and other feeds. Processors are keen to support and work with producers and agents who are prepared to ‘have a go’. They offer trial seed kills and formal feedback on lines sold over-the-hooks to ensure producers are paid for what they produce, no matter what district they come from. The energy is there to reduce the incidence of seed in lamb and sheep meat and Winning against seeds is a must read to help you get started.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherMeat and Livestock Australia Ltd
    Number of pages1
    ISBN (Print)174036578X
    Publication statusPublished - 2004


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